I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Clive Owen
Michael Sragow Baltimore Sun
December, 2004

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Phil Villarreal in the Arizona Daily Star
August, 2004

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Richard T Jameson in The Queen Anne News
July, 2004

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Robert Denerstein in Rocky Mountain News
July, 2004

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Roger Ebert review in the Chicago Sun Times
July, 2004

A Hard Man Is Good to Find
Ray Pride in Movie City News
July, 2004

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Kenneth Turan review in the LA Times
July, 2004

A Mysteriously Deep, Dark 'Sleep'
Michael O'Sullivan in the Washington Post
July, 2004

Doomed If You Do
Four-star review from Slant Magazine
June 2004

Shy Master of the Movie Thriller
Terrence Rafferty piece on Mike Hodges in NY Sunday Times
June 2004

Dangerous Dandies
Ryan Gilbey piece in the Independent
May 2004

Male Rape
Interview with Trevor Preston in Gay Times
July 2004

The return of the outsider
Gavin Lambert Guardian feature on Mike Hodges
April 2004

Malcolm McDowell
Guardian Feature

April 2004

Face to Face: Mike Hodges
Interview in 'Dazed and Confused'
April 2004

Dead Simple

Article by Geoff Andrew in Time Out

April 2004

A consummate work of art worthy of endless contemplation
Forthcoming issue of Film Comment includes a four-page article/review of ISWID by Gary Indiana
April 2004

Interview with Charlotte Rampling
From Harpers and Queen
April 2004

Uncompromising Poet of the Prescient

Bradford Film Festival - visit the website
March 2004

So Macho
Interview with Mike Hodges in the Guardian
August 2003

Black For Good
Article by David Mamet in the Guardian
November 2003

Invasion of the movie snatchers
Article by John Patterson in the Guardian which includes mention Get Carter and I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
September 2003



"A British Classic. Richly Atmospheric"
Ray Bennett, Hollywood Reporter