I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

From April Harpers and Queen

However, the roles she chooses seem to mirror her tumultuous personal life. This month, she stars in I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, a brutal tale of family revenge in gangland London, directed by Mike Hodges. Clive Owen plays Will, a former East End villain who, after a nervous breakdown, returns to exact revenge from those who drove his brother to suicide. Rampling is Helen, Will’s ex-lover, whose sorrow at being abandoned by him is ever-present beneath her glacial calm.
‘The only way Helen could go on living after Will left was just to hold onto a reality – go to work, wear nice clothes. It’s a routine, it’s going places every night, otherwise you just…’ She breaks off, sensing the plots similarity to her own story: the infidelity of Jarre and the suicide of her own sister. ‘Revenge wreaks revenge and it’s addictive.’ Has she ever felt a similar impulse? ‘I think all healthy people have. The only reason I dominated was that I was the one who was suffering (when Jarre was adulterous). If someone does something to you, you’re left with this rage and hate and pain. You’re forced into a reactive role. And that I couldn’t bear. I’m much too proud for that. I got round it by befriending him,’ she says.

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"A British Classic. Richly Atmospheric"
Ray Bennett, Hollywood Reporter